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For those who wish to participate in the V All-Ukrainian Business Tournament "Strategy of the Firm-2018".

The registration form is open until February 16'2018: Click here

Regarding the organization of trainings, call +38097-224-29-21, +38050-809-11-86 (Vitaliy Pazdriy).

Download the installer for the business simulator ViAL + at the link:

The manual for business simulation ViAL + is available at: link

Video instructions for business simulation ViAL + are available: on Youtube channel, Video Instructions section

For questions about using the simulation, please call the hotline: +38 (050) 56-16-112, +38 (063) 5-08-08-66 (12:00 to 22:00)

or email: support @ kint On organizational and technical issues at 097-224-29-21 (Vitaliy) after 14:00

V Всеукраїнський бізнес-турнір "Стратегія фірми-2018"

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